Ford // 2009 F-150
  • Ford // 2009 F-150
    Animation / Compositing


    Agency: JWT
    AD: Paul Kirner, Brad Hensen
    CD: Toby Barlow
    Agency Producer: Craig Mungons
    Production Company: Offspring / A Very Small Office
    Director: Vince Haycock, A Very Small Office
    DP: Neil Shapiro
    EP: Joanna Fillie

    Post-production: Offspring
    CD: Adam Levite
    Editor: Cassidy Gearhart, Offspring and Tina Mintus, Version 2
    EP: Joanna Fillie
    Producer: Amy Kindred
    Animation/Compositing: Wes Richardson, Seth Ricart, Craig Davis, Hiroshi Endo, Miguel Delcan, Cassidy Gearhart, Jonathan Gershon, Ash Meer

    Telecine: Company 3
    Colorist: Dave Hussey and Rob Sciarratta

    VO Talent: Dennis Leary

    Music: Sacred Noise